Literature Review and Field Check

This is a generalized initial study that involves historical and previous studies followed by a field inspection to determine the potential for archaeological findings within a particular parcel of land. These studies are useful to land owners for due diligence and planning purposes particularly related to potential land use and permitting. These studies can be reviewed by State Historic Preservation Division for a determination of potential of a project on historic properties.  The SHPD rules related to such a consultation are as follows: SHPD Rules


Archaeological Inventory Survey

The identification and documentation of all historic properties on a parcel of land including evaluating significance and compiling a written report. The SHPD rules related to inventory survey are as follows: SHPD Rules


Archaeological Preservation

A process by which a historic property is protected in place through designation of buffer zones and interim and long term preservation measures which could include access and interpretation. The SHPD rules related to archaeological preservation are as follows: SHPD Rules


Archaeological Data Recovery

A process by which the effect on a previously identified historic property can be mitigated through recovery of information through recording, excavation, and analysis. The SHPD rules related to data recovery are as follows: SHPD Rules


Archaeological Monitoring Program

A form of mitigation for potential historic properties which may be encountered during ground disturbing construction activities. A monitoring program involves preparation of a monitoring plan, construction monitoring, and report on activities and findings. The SHPD rules related to a monitoring program are as follows: SHPD Rules


Burial Treatment Plan

This is a document which describes the preferred treatment (relocation or preservation in place) of a previously identified burial site (previously identified means it was discovered or documented during an inventory survey) that has been determined by SHPD to be of Hawaiian ancestry and older than fifty years. This document will also describe results of the search for lineal and cultural descendants as well as the description, circumstances, and context of the burial site. The SHPD rules related to a burial treatment plan are as follows: SHPD Rules


Consultation on Section 106

Section 106 of NHPA (National Historic Preservation Act ) specifically requires Federal agencies to consider the effects of their undertakings on historic properties.   Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i provides assistance to federal agencies and their consultants in the consultation process. Section 106 Regulations


Site Interpretation including Display Design and Signage

Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i has expertise in designing and installing displays and indoor and outdoor signage for site interpretation related implementation of preservation plans. CSH has designed displays for site interpretations at various sites throughout the Hawaiian Islands.


Archaeological Site Restoration

Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i has conducted archaeological site stabilization and restoration ranging from minor repair of stone walls to restoration of a major heiau on Maui.


Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Documentation

Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i conducts archaeological and historical documentation to support compliance with Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act. This federal law applies to native Hawaiian burials which are found on land under federal jurisdiction, which in Hawai‘i includes land controlled by Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL).