Hallett H. Hammatt, Ph.D.

President, Principal of Firm

Hallett H. Hammatt founded Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i, Inc. in 1982 and has been active in the field of archaeology and historic preservation for 40 years. He is trained in federal historic preservation regulations including Section 106 and NAGPRA, and has conducted training in historic preservation compliance. He has presented testimony as an expert witness in Hawaiian archaeology at more than 30 public hearings and legal proceedings. He served, by Governor Appointment, on the State of Hawai‘i Review Board of Historic Places for 8 years. His expertise in Hawaiian archaeology includes agricultural systems, sediment studies, lithic studies, and geoarchaeology. He has undertaken geomorphological studies in Hawai‘i and on the U.S. mainland involving analysis and interpretation of soil stratigraphy and morphology, origin and evolution of Holocene landforms and geochronology. Dr. Hammatt is experienced in handling multidisciplinary studies and complex, large projects, including surveys, data recovery, and site protection and interpretation. He has extensive experience working on federal jobs and served as Historic Preservation Manager for the Navy’s 5-year Kaho‘olawe Ordnance Clearance Project.