Todd Tulchin, B.S.

Graphics Project Director

Since beginning with CSH in 2001, Mr. Tulchin has been involved in all aspects of archaeological fieldwork, historical research, report writing, and GIS database development. Mr. Tulchin previously served as Project Director for archaeological projects on each of the main Hawaiian Islands, completing 90+ projects as lead or co-author. Currently, Mr. Tulchin is the Director of the CSH GIS and Graphics Department, serving as the lead cartographer for the O‘ahu office and the principal GPS surveyor and GIS map producer. Under Mr. Tulchin’s direction, CSH has created and maintains a comprehensive, statewide cultural resources GIS database including archaeological studies, historic properties, Land Commission Awards, historic maps, and historic aerial photographs. Mr. Tulchin has extensive experience with GPS/GIS work that includes GPS data collection and post-processing, as well as GIS data production, management, and analysis. He is proficient in the use of handheld Garmin GPS and Trimble mapping-grade GPS systems and provides training on this as well as ESRI ArcGIS, Trimble Pathfinder Office, Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD GIS/Graphics software packages.